Wiggin Out With Bobbie Z
NYC-based wig designer and wig maker here to help you connect with your inner drag diva!
Wiggin Out With Bobbie Z
A retro glam customized Kim T33/130!!!

I hand-tied a widow’s peak, added a pack of hair, custom cut set and styled this beauty!

Now she’s off to her new forever home in Georgia!
I hit 6k subscribers on YouTube today!!! WOW!!! Thank you all so much for all your support and love!! 😍😍😍
Kim is BACK!!!

She is a beautiful very long versatile wig with soft big waves and is slightly layered on the ends.

She is HEAT SAFE, you can easily restyle her with heat appliances on medium-low.

She has a side part lace extension.

She does have sturdy dark lace, but can easily be blended out with contour powders.

3 combs are sewn in for added security.

Includes a free wig cap!!!

$50, international and domestic shipping options available!!!

Use code “SpringFever15” to save 15% your entire order!
Yesterday it was a short red fingerwave kinda day, and today it’s a LONG one!!!

Please ignore all the crumpled up end papers!! 🙈🙈🙈
Everything’s coming up Roses!!! I custom cut, set and styled a Bettie in color 350 into a fabulous Mama Rose for a production of “Gypsy”! I can’t wait to see the production shots!!
From frizzy ‘fro to Mary Poppins! Anything can happen if you let it! 😉
It’s a red fingerwave kinda day!
This is what happens when I have a promo code over a holiday weekend!

Be sure to use promo code “springfever15” to save 15% on your entire order at BobbiePinz.com now through the end of the month!
I really really hate having to do this again; I just need to or else I make sacrifice my sanity!!!

Okay… It’s not April Fools this time!!

It really saddens me to say this; but I won’t be able to accept any custom orders for the next month or two.

I am already stretched too thin as it is and I just cannot add anymore orders to the already existing queue of a dozen orders; I’m working on four different Broadway shows, designing two off-broadway shows, doing youtube videos, running my online business alone and in the process of looking to move my company to a separate studio space.

I’m only one person, and for me to give my work the attention and love it needs and that my clients deserve, I need to force myself to stop and find the light at the end of this seemingly never ending tunnel of wigs and hair.

That being said, if you’ve already paid your deposit and your order has been placed, your order will be completed as discussed, with no problems!

If we were in discussions for a custom piece but the final details and payment have not been made, I ask you to please message me immediately so we can get things set and moving quickly.

Thank you all for your patience, love and understanding. You all mean the world to me.

I will be back soon.
How cute are Curly Whirley and Yoda Pagoda?!?! @kiki_hood  parents puppies!! Such cute little snuggle buddies!